Enhancing the E-commerce customer experience using research led strategies

Enhancing the E-commerce customer experience using research led strategies

Client Name

HNAK, Al-Musbah Group


E-commerce, Consumer Goods

Key Services

Market Research
UX and UI
UX Audit
Website Design
Competitor Analysis
Interaction Design


HNAK is the e-commerce branch of Al Musbah group, one of the leading retail companies in Saudi Arabia - with 190+ stores across the middle east region. HNAK  is positioned to shift that focus by being the home of top international brands while actively telescoping and supporting local trends and talents.

The Challenge

HNAK recognized that their customer experience was not on par with their competitors, and that they needed to focus on the design of their services to enhance the brand experience for their consumers.

They realized that even though they had loyal customers, they had overlooked the importance of design in creating a positive and seamless experience for their customers. This involved improving the usability and aesthetics of their services, and adding features, functionality that customers value. The goal would be to create a customer experience that differentiates HNAK from its competitors and builds loyalty among its customer base.

The Solution

We redesigned HNAK's website after conducting extensive competitor research and holding discovery sessions with the HNAK team. This included creating a new user flow to improve the overall user experience.

Enhancing the E-commerce customer experience using research led strategies

UX audit and research process

For HNAK, we conducted a thorough UX audit and research process to identify opportunities for improvement on their website. This included reviewing analytical data, defining user archetypes, and enhancing navigation and user flows on every page of the site.

Prior to our work, HNAK had not had the opportunity to apply this process. As a result of our efforts, we were able to boost the performance of the website and provide a better user experience for visitors.

Website and UX Development

Our data-backed research combined with a strong cross-team collaboration ensured we took a more holistic approach to create the new website and the user flow.

We created over 50 pages and 100 unique visuals to improve communication of product features, descriptions and added testimonials and ratings to support the users needs. We optimised all the major flows to make sure that it caters to all the user archetypes.

Our team took a thorough and comprehensive approach to creating the new website for HNAK. By conducting data-backed research and collaborating across teams, we were able to create a more holistic design that took into account the needs of all user archetypes. This includes things like usability, user experience, and the overall flow of the website.

We created over 50 unique visuals and content, such as product features, descriptions, testimonials, and ratings, to better communicate with users and address their needs. All of these efforts helped to create a more effective and user-friendly website for HNAK.

Enhancing the E-commerce customer experience using research led strategies

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