Just Ask The Tortoise

Written By:

Shreyas Tongaonkar

In the heart of the lush jungle, where ancient trees stretched their branches toward the sky and the air was alive with the sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves, lived a gentle and creative lion named Leo. Leo was known far and wide for his strength and wisdom, but he was also known for having a heart as big as the jungle itself. He was the protector of all the creatures who called the jungle their home.

One sunny day, as Leo was strolling through the jungle, he stumbled upon an idea that set his heart racing with excitement. He had noticed the tortoises in the jungle, their slow and steady pace often leaving them trailing behind when other animals zipped around on various modes of transportation.

Leo thought to himself, "Why not bring some excitement into their lives? Why not create a store that sells skateboards specially designed for tortoises?" It seemed like a brilliant idea to him, a way to share the joy of speed and freedom with his slow-moving friends.

So, with boundless enthusiasm, Leo set to work. He gathered the most skilled artisans from the jungle, creatures known for their craftsmanship, and together they crafted skateboards that were just the right size and shape for tortoises. They designed ramps and rails, and even made tiny helmets and knee pads to ensure the tortoises' safety as they embarked on their skateboarding adventures.

The store that Leo built was a sight to behold. It was a vibrant and colourful haven filled with rows of skateboards and accessories, each one waiting to bring joy to a tortoise's life. Leo was filled with pride as he looked around at his creation. He couldn't wait for the tortoises to come and experience the thrill of skateboarding.

The very next morning, Leo's dream was about to become a reality. A tortoise named Timothy was the first to arrive at Leo's skateboard store. Timothy moved at his characteristic unhurried pace, his shell glistening in the dappled sunlight. He looked around at the skateboards and accessories with a mix of curiosity and uncertainty.

After a thorough inspection, Timothy simply turned around and slowly made his way out of the store. Leo watched him go, a knot of disappointment forming in his chest. He had been so sure that the tortoises would love his skateboards. He couldn't understand why Timothy had left without making a purchase.

Leo's disappointment, however, was short-lived. He told himself that perhaps Timothy wasn't in the mood for skateboarding that day. Leo was unfazed and remained hopeful.

Throughout the day, more tortoises ventured into the store. Each one, just like Timothy, looked around at the skateboards and accessories, but not a single one made a purchase. Leo watched them come and go, his enthusiasm slowly giving way to worry.

By the time the sun dipped below the horizon, Leo's worry had turned into a full-blown concern. He couldn't understand why the tortoises weren't interested in his skateboards. Had he made a mistake? Were the skateboards not as exciting as he had thought?

That night, Leo decided to seek advice from his friends at the local jungle bar. His friends were a diverse group, each with their own area of expertise. There was Sam the monkey, known for his marketing prowess; Ava the parrot, a creative genius when it came to advertising; Finn the chameleon, a tech-savvy creature who understood the latest gadgets and gizmos; and Maya the elephant, whose wisdom was as vast as the jungle itself.

Leo gathered them all around a large wooden table in the dimly lit bar and shared his predicament. "I don't understand," he confessed, "I've created the perfect skateboards for tortoises, but they're just not interested. What am I doing wrong?"

His friends leaned in, ready to offer their insights and guidance. Sam the monkey, always the first to speak, suggested, "Leo, what you need is a grand skateboard tournament! We can organize an event that will draw all the tortoises in the jungle. It'll create excitement and buzz around your skateboards."

Ava the parrot, her colorful feathers ruffled in excitement, added, "And after the tournament, we should have a parade! Imagine the spectacle of tortoises on skateboards, performing daring stunts. It'll be a visual feast that will leave everyone talking about your store."

Finn the chameleon, who had been blending into the surroundings with his color-changing skin, chimed in, "We could also incorporate cutting-edge technology. Let's create virtual skateboarding simulations with interactive holographic interfaces. The tortoises will love it!"

Leo listened to his friends' suggestions, his head spinning with the complexity of their ideas. They talked about marketing strategies, sales tactics, and advertising campaigns, each suggestion more elaborate than the last. It was all too much for Leo to take in.

As the night wore on and the discussions became even more intricate, Leo's spirits sank. He felt overwhelmed and disheartened. He had hoped for simple advice, but his friends had offered complex solutions that he couldn't fully grasp.

Just as Leo was about to give up and leave the bar, defeated and discouraged, a wise and gentle voice echoed from the back of the room. It was Maya the elephant, who had been observing the conversation with her deep, understanding eyes.

"Leo," Maya said, her voice carrying the weight of her wisdom, "I have a simple question for you. Why don't you just ask the tortoises why they aren't buying your skateboards?"

Leo blinked in astonishment. It was such a straightforward question, yet it had never crossed his mind. He had been so caught up in the complexities of marketing and technology that he had overlooked the most fundamental approach: talking to the tortoises themselves.

The next day, Leo decided to follow Maya's advice. He ventured into the jungle and approached Timothy, the very first tortoise who had visited his store. Leo humbly asked Timothy why he hadn't made a purchase.

Timothy, his wrinkled face breaking into a smile, explained, "The skateboards are exciting, Leo, but they're designed for a pace of life much faster than ours. We tortoises prefer a more leisurely journey."

Leo listened attentively to Timothy's words and felt a surge of gratitude for his honesty. He thanked Timothy and made immediate adjustments to his store. Leo introduced skateboards with wider decks and slower wheels, perfectly suited for the tortoises' unhurried pace.

Word quickly spread through the jungle about Leo's willingness to listen to his customers. Soon, tortoises began visiting his store and making purchases. Leo's store thrived, not because of elaborate tournaments or flashy parades, but because he had simply asked the tortoises what they needed and adapted to meet their desires.

As the seasons changed and the jungle continued to thrive, Leo learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. It all started with a single question from a wise elephant: "Why don't you just ask the tortoise?" And in that question, Leo found the key to success and happiness in his endeavors, forever reminding him of the power of simplicity and the importance of truly understanding the needs of those he served.

The end.

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Sync Labs is a design agency that crafts Brands, Websites, SaaS and Mobile Experiences using research led strategy and frameworks